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Hi. I’m Kevin.
I’m a designer
& developer.

I’m a recovering journalist based in Dallas, TX who designs & builds experiences.

Talk To Me, Goose

  • Charitybuzz website screens Charitybuzz Product Design - Charitybuzz offers people the chance to bid on experiences of their dreams, all while raising money for charity.
  • Prizeo screens Prizeo Product Design - Prizeo allows anyone to be a philanthropist and win amazing experiences for as little as $10.
  • LAXPower Website - A redesign project overhauling the home for everything lacrosse, LAXPower.
  • The Quack Attack Podcast screens The Quack Attack - Website design and development passion project for the definitive Mighty Ducks podcast.
  • ACTIVE Engagement Platform - Product built to engage with customers of events and businesses, and members of organizations.
  • Activity Cloud Memberships - Design project from inception to launch of a membership software platform for YMCAs and similar organizations.